Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bitch Tail ~ Sim Remodel & Sale

So have you been to Bitch Tail recently?  Maybe it's been a while, well that's all good, because I have some awesome pictures and news to share with you!  Tiff has been a busy little bee the past few days with a sim remodel, and I must say, this is probably my favorite yet!

Landing Point / Front of Bitch Tail Store
So when you land, you'll land on this big open area (Force TP Landing spot, so all your old LM's will work just fine)  Give yourself a minute to rez before you venture off, there's been lots of changes!

Scan*dal*ous' new home
Scan*dal*ous has found it's new home on the Bitch Tail sim as well, and it's off to the left of the main Bitch Tail store.  In the picture above you'll also see the display sign for the Bitch Tail Mall sim next door.

Chill Zone Arcade/VIP Lounge are on the ground now as well.
The VIP Lounge has been moved to the ground level and is beside the Chill Zone Arcade.  Both of these are off to the right of the main Bitch Tail store.  If you would like more info on becoming a Bitch Tail VIP see below.

Then I took a walk around inside the store.  And here is the result of that.

Right inside the door.  Newest Releases in the window.
Inside.  Bright, clean and not confusing =)
Each separate room is labeled above the door
Like so.
Upstairs is the shoes!
I hoped you enjoyed my little tour of the new remodel of the Bitch Tail sim.  Going to shop should be a pleasant experience and tons of fun.  SOooOoooO... with all this awesomeness being said and done, Tiff has decided to have a 60% Off sale on the sim... yes this means Bitch Tale AND Scan*dal*ous are 60% Off.  So what are you waiting on?!?  Get shopping!!  Sale ends Monday at 9amSL!  XoXoX!~ Gin

60% Off!  Wow!

 VIP Info
.::Bitch Tail VIP Group Offers::.
☑ $250L Monthly Store Credit Allowance
☑ First Buy Option On >NEW< Releases
☑ EXCLUSIVE sim lockdown events
☑ Group Gifts
☑ Random Adboard Model Calls
☑ No general store spam
☑ Absolutely NO Spam of Any Kind or Immediate Ejection
(lucky chairs, manias, events and so on...)
☑ and loads more!!!!!

Only $500L one time join fee
No Refunds!
*Bitch Tail Chat ONLY within the group*

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