❤ About Me ❤

♥ Just a little about me... ♥

The name is Ginny Nostram-Oxidor. I'm a small creator turned recent blogger in this wonderful world of Second Life.  =)  I've been married to an amazing man for what seems like ever (August 12, 2011) and we've met RL and couldn't be more happier.  I've done just about all there is to do in SL in my 5 years and now I'm just relaxing, and enjoying blogging, family and friends.

I am currently wrapped up in many things.  I'm learning more and more each day on photo editing.  I was just doing basic things before, and I'm getting into learning some more techniques and I'm super excited about that.  I manage ::Toxxic:: Pandora, my Sister Beaunciea Silvercloud's store in SL.  I also blog manage [Twinkle] for Star Paneer.  All while sitting beside my hubby in RL.

All of this while maintaining an amazing SL family full of even more amazing people, and the best friends a girl like me could ask for.  We aren't just "SL".  :)

I just wanted to quickly thank Trisha Heston and Krisyka Bellic for all their help when I first started blogging.  Without all their help, knowledge, and guidance, I would have been totally lost and given up a long time ago.

And yet somehow I still managed to ramble.. lol

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