Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Just an Update!

Hi all!!  I know I haven't done this in a very long time, and I am currently wearing my retirement status, but I do want to share a few things with you.  I currently support Something New / Something Erotic Props & Poses and you can find any of my photography work done with those poses on my Flickr page which I will link at the bottom.  I also support La Boheme Cosmetics.  I have switched over and mostly wear my Maitreya feet and hands, and so with that, I only wear La Boheme nail appliers.  I will begin slowly linking anything I am wearing on my Flickr.  I am considering possibly getting back into blogging, but am not sure.

I hope everyone is doing well!!  XoXoX
Gin ♥ My Flickr Page

Something New - Flickr - Something New Landmark / Something Erotic Landmark

La Boheme - Flickr - Landmark

Others I wear a lot

Blueberry - Flickr - Landmark
Reign - Flickr - Landmark
Truth Hair - Flickr - Landmark

N21 - Landmark
Uber - Landmark
Collabor88 - Landmark
Shiny Shabby - Landmark
FaMESHed - Landmark

Depraved Nations Event Sim - BlogLandmark

I also LOVE Seraphim for event and sales info!  Use it!!  http://seraphimsl.com/

If you find me on Flickr, and want to know what I'm wearing or who I'm with is wearing, feel free to ask!  ♥

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