Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I must apologize!

I know I know!!!  I'm horrible sometimes in getting behind, especially when I have a lot of things going on and lots on my mind.  Let me get you a quick fill in...  At the very end of September I FINALLY did it!  I made the move to my SL partners in RL.  So no more visits, I'm here for good!  So I've been getting settled, finding doctors, getting all the stuff switched (since I moved states) paperwork done, you know all the fun stuff!  Then Holidays, and trying to plan a trip back home to see my family, it's just been crazy!  (And please let's not get into some of the crap in SL I tend to deal with, lol)  So I'm sorry for being so distracted lately.  I have several pic taken, a few edited, and some not even needing editing.  I plan on working on them very soon, and I will have when I go to visit my family.  I love you guys!  And I hope you're all staying safe!  Hugs and smooches!


I ♥ these nails by La Boheme!

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