Saturday, August 16, 2014

Twenty13 @ HeatWave Gacha

Twenty13 @ HeatWave Gacha

.t13. Mouth Cassette - Margaritaville RARE

Okay so I'm super excited for my newest sponsor!  Twenty13!  <3 <3 They are super awesome people and they're items :O  Super cutes!  Their current event is HeatWave Gacha and they not only are Sponsoring it, but they are hosting it!  Well, the owners are.  Anyway, there are TONS are greatness at this event and tonight I'm bringing you this cuteness from just Twenty13.  *Sips my Margarita* Ahh, reminds me of vacations, beaches, palm trees, and..... days in the sun <3

.t13. Mouth Pick B.S. - Booty Bay RARE

.t13. Mouth Condom - Don't Be A Statistic

.t13. Mouth Condom - Slutty Nympho

.t13. Mouth Condom - Donor Nuts RARE

.t13. Mesh Mouth Polaroid - Besties RARE (Pic with my sisseh Beau)

.t13. Mesh Mouth Polaroid - Infinite Love (Picture w/ my hubby DJ)

.t13. Mouth Cassette - Wipeout

.t13. Mouth Pick B.S. - Maya Bay
I hope you enjoy these items and many more from Twenty13 at the HeatWave Gacha event!  You have until the end of August to grab the epic deals!  ♥

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