Sunday, July 14, 2013

KaTnipZ Wonderland

KaTnipZ Wonderland

Oh my goodness you have got to go check out this gorgeous new sim just put together by KaTnipZ Events!  Us bloggers were asked to come down and take some pictures to share with you, as well as the info.  They will be having shops and more events and tons and tons of stuff for everyone to enjoy!  I hope you take your time to check it out!!  XoXoX!! ~Gin

- 50 prim corner store, 300L/week (not available at the moment)
- 30 prim Card store upper and lower level, 150L/week
- Opening Offer ***Pay 3 weeks in advance from July 14th to Agusut 15th and get 1 week free***
(there are 4 blocks, Diamonds, Spades, Hearts, Clubs)

Biweekly event called The Rabbits Hole. Everything for 50L or less.
- Get a board and rezz up to 10 prim for 250L for 2 weeks

Daily sale at the smoking caterpillar. Every day 1-2 designers can put 1-2 items for 50% off on the platform for 24 hours!
-The list is done weekly. If the week is already full i will put you up for next week.
-Send me an IM or NC if you want to participate and I will do the list. First come first serve.
-Entrance fee is 50L, it doesn't matter if you put 1 or 2 items, the fee remains the same.
-All sale items will be featured on my blog every day! So you have to send me pictures.

*Mad Hatters Midweek Sale*
- Sale on Wednesday and Thursday.
- One sale item for only 40L!
- All stores can participate if in time!
- No entrance fee!

*KaTnipZ Wonderland Opening Sale*
- This will affect the whole sim
- No entrance fee!
- This is a one time only event and will last for 1 week!
- Date is not set in stone yet, we have to see how fast the shops will be rented out.
- 2-3 items for 50% off in every store

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