Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Last Rites Insane Asylum

Hey all!  I wanted to talk about and show off a bit of a great thing my SL son does.  This is the 2nd year in a row that he has put up a Haunted House and ran it solely for donations for Relay for Life.  He raised roughly 6k last year which is awesome starting out.  Included below is a few [unedited] snapshots of his haunted house, but not enough to give anything away.  I hope you will take the time to visit and make a donation for this great cause, any contribution large or small is very much appreciated.  Thank you.

"Hello everyone. I am doing a Haunted House called Last Rites Insane Asylum. Its a month long attraction that all the donations(there's R4L Kiosks at the entrance and exit) go directly to Relay for Life. This is my second year running it and its a real honor. The reasoning behind all of this is simple. All of us have been effected by cancer either personally or by a love one. Personally i have lost love ones to cancer and some who are battling it now. My best friend for over three years has been battling cancer. She is not only one of my biggest inspiration but also has been helping me with this event. Come on down and bring your friends and family anytime throughout October 1st through November 1st. I hope to have some awesome event going on too so stay tuned!"

- Colt Blazewood, Owner
- Faith Lowbeam, Owner

Landing Spot - Entry

All the love in the world -William Shakespeare

No Escape!

Looks a little messy

She just needs a friend!

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