Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kink News!!

So... big news for Kink!  (Formerly DLZ... we had this discussion already lol) Well, THEY MOVED!!  Apparently Miki has been doing SO much she just outgrew her old store and prims and needed more, and she is on a big sim!  It looks amazing!!  I decided to sneak on today and take a few pictures.  The store, a gacha alley (HOW FUN!) a mall, and a park.  Great work done by some awesome people.

The landing point


The little gacha alley... isn't that cute?!

Inside the park area... it's so pretty... I was playing with water settings
I didn't take a picture of the mall area because it looks like maybe it's still under construction and I didn't want to invade and snap pics through pretty red lines... =P  I'll take some later though!!

So... all this means.. NEW LANDMARK... take it, and new exploring grounds.  XoXoX!~

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