Wednesday, April 9, 2014

:: Toxxic :: Pandora - Spring Lamp Gacha

::Toxxic:: Pandora Spring Lamps Gacha

So today I'm stepping out of my box slightly and am blogging for you these super cute Spring Lamps by ::Toxxic:: Pandora.  They are everyone's favorite thing in the whole world... GACHA!  Lol, so in the texture above the lights are off, and they look very clean and give any home, forest, any area a small OR large burst of color, or the Rare give a taste of something different.  Or in the pic below you can see the difference when you click and they light up, giving a shine over a dark pathway, or just the right bit of glow in the nightsky.  (Please note: In the picture I have 6-10 lamps on at once, in a very small area, this is why the brightness looks so defined, perhaps in a larger space the difference wouldn't be quite so massive.)   I definitely enjoy mine, so I hope you'll check out ::Toxxic:: Pandora and play for your change.  10 Commons, 6 Rares, all in good fun!

At this time, ::Toxxic:: Pandora is in the process of opening it's doors.  They still welcome shoppers, this gacha is set up and functioning.  So by all means go have a try.  ♥

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