Monday, March 10, 2014

Calling all GACHA ADDICTS!!

Looking for a place to sell your extra, unwanted or duplicate gacha stuff?  Need just a few extra prims for those last few items?  How about just a fresh new location for some of your items filling up your inventory??  I Gotcha Gacha, is located on the Hubble sim, and is an AMAZING place to rent up some tables to toss out and sell all your gacha goodies!  Adrenalynn and Andilynne and the sweetest people you could ask to deal with.  I actually have a spot here for all my craziness of gacha overload and it's been great.  35prims for 75L a week and who knows there may even be a deal or two tossed in there for multiple weeks rented.  =)  There are still plenty of tables to rent, but with many sims filling up fast, and gacha events going around like crazy, I can only imagine these tables won't be vacant for long!  So take the TP and make your visit soon!  XoXoX!~ Gin

Contacts : Andilynne Fireguard & AdrenalynnRush Resident

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